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* Every sin is more injury to him who does it than to him who suffers it.
* Do not think lightly of evil, saying “It will no come to me”. Even a water-pot is filled by the falling of drops. Likewise the fool, gathering it drop by drop, fills himself with evil.
* Five hindrances to any kind of clear understanding:
1. lusting desires
2. ill-will, hated or anger
3. torpor and languor
4. restlessness and worry
5. sceptical doubts
* The fool thinks an evil deed as sweet as honey, so long as it does not repen (does not procuce results). But when it repens, the fool comes to grief.
* A faithless, lying man who has no thought of the after life is capable of all sin.
* It is well with the evil-doer until his evil (deed) ripens. But when his evil (deed) bears fruit, he then sees its ill effects.
* Killing, stealing, lying and adultery, these four evils the wise never praise.
* Telling lies is the origin of all evils; it leads a person to evil planes of existence, his mouth will emit an offensive smell; and what he says will be disliked and despised by others.
* He who, seeking his own happiness, torments with the rod creatures that are desirous of happiness, shall not obtain happiness hereafter.
* Misconduct is the taint of a woman; stinginess is the taint of a donor. Taints, indeed, are all evil things both in this world and the next.
* The three mental evils are greed, hatred and delusion. The three bodily evils are killing, stealing and harmful sexual conduct. The four oral evils are speaking hypocritically, and using harsh, false and suggestive language.
* By oneself indeed is evil done and by oneself is one defiled. By oneself is evil left undone and by oneself indeed is one purified. Purity and impurity depend on oneself. No one can purify another.


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