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* To be attached to one thing (to a certain view) and to look down upon other thing (views) as inferior — this the wise man call a fetter.
* Bonds do not exists for whose to whom nought is dear or not dear.
* There is no fire like lust, no grip like hate, there is no net like delusion, no river like craving.
* One should give up anger; One should abandon pride; One should overcome all fetters. I’ll never befall him who clings not to mind and body and is passionless.
* That which is made of iron, wood, or hemp is not a strong bong, say the wise, (but) that longing for jewels, ornaments, children, and wives is far greater an attachment.
* All desires have in them little pleasant taste but rather much potential suffering.
* Folk en wrapt in craving are terrified like a captive hare; held fast by fetters and bonds, for long they come to sorrow again and again.
* For the person who is perturbed by evil thoughts, who is of strong passions, who sees but the pleasurable, craving steadily grows. Indeed, he makes the bond strong.


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