What is Wasu?

WASU means Will And Strength Unite, Its a form of Will And Strength United with a Yoga, which is a unique blend of ancient, modern and experimental exercises designed to promote wellness and strength on a mental, physical and spiritual level.  The format, movements and theories are taken and adapted from a variety of sources including Hatha Yoga, Pilates, and Posture Analysis as well as traditional sport stretches and warm-ups.

Yoga helps eliminate stiffness, improve coordination, and prevent injuries. Moreover, yoga helps balance emotional, physical and spiritual energy, thereby improving concentration and endurance. Overall, by a fusion of mind, body and spirit, yoga helps people to elevate their body awareness and release the accumulated emotional and physical tension that is stored in the body as a result of daily stress and strain.

Although there is a spiritual element to Yoga, In Wasu Style, it is not overtly spiritual and as such is appropriate for anyone wanting to experience the benefits of a yoga practice.  Wasu Style is open to beginners and yet still contains a more advanced component to each pose for more experienced students.